DBTV: Project Runway's TIM GUNN

Fashion Week is upon us in New York City! I had a few moments to catch up with Tim Gunn at the Bryant Park Hotel for his conference with PETA on the fur industry.  Tim is an outspoken advocate for animals used in the fashion industry, and calls for responsibility and accountability from every single person using or wearing the skin of an animal – whether it is fur, leather, or wool. In the sea of indifference to animals that is Fashion Week, it is amazing to have someone with such clout eloquently speaking the simple truth that fur no longer represents luxury – instead it is an outdated and egregious symbol of ignorance.

Watch Tim’s Video for PETA:

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Written by TheDiscerningBrute

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  • Glenn & Debbie Carson

    We need more Tim Gunns in the fashion world.

  • http://cseneque.etsy.com Christabel

    Tim Gunn is so eloquent and unapologetic about his stance, it’s awesome. Seeing that just made my day.

  • http://girljames.com james

    i think tim gunn is violating the animal enterprise terrorism act! he is trying to affect the profits of an animal enterprise and this video is crossing state lines! what a terrorist!

    in all seriousness i think his approach is wonderful, he does not come off as self righteous or alienating, just firm. who wouldn’t want to listen to tim gunn!? good for him for using his fame for good. i know we can knock the fur industry out in my lifetime.

  • Bonn

    Your courage in going out on the street and talking to people wearing fur was so inspiring to me (even though it also broke my heart) that I wrote three poems. Thank you so much for doing this.

    My Broken Heart

    What do you think of when I say “Human Reign”?
    What comes to mind when you hear “furry animal pain”?
    Why do we hide behind the word “veal”?
    Yet “lamb” on the menu is so bloody real?
    How can I live in a world where eggs are gathered
    From mothers in cages as if mother love doesn’t even matter?
    Does it break your heart to hear “steel trap”?
    Animals are disappearing all over the map.
    Except us.

    Use The Right Word

    The right word for meat is muscle.
    The right word for veal is calf.
    The right word for fur coat is skinned alive.
    The right word for chicken is caged for life.
    The right word for cow is bereft mother.
    The right word for yangtze dolphin is gone.
    The right word for lamb is stolen from its mother.
    The right word for bacon is more intelligent than a dog.

    How Proud He Must Be

    We steal puppies from bitches
    And eggs from mother hens
    We take skin from minks
    And baby chimps from their mothers.
    We kill whales in front of their children
    And rabbits in front of each other.
    We raise pigs in their own filth
    And then eat them.
    Ain’t God Proud?

  • http://travelerdiaries.wordpress.com GRRRL TRAVELER

    Wonderful video! Kudos to both you and Tim for the awesome work you’re doing!

  • Pierre

    look at you sneaking in to all the press conferences!

  • molly

    right on! :)

  • http://www.iannillo.com Liberation

    Jesus, those videos are brutal. I knew it was a nasty process but I had NO idea they skinned those poor animals alive.

    Otherwise, great interview and kudos to Tim Gunn for standing up to the fashion industry!

  • Ari

    Compassion is strength. And that’s what it takes to go up against the status quo and speak the truth. Tim Gunn is hero to the animals… and so are you! Thanks again for being a beacon of light and hope.

  • http://www.girliegirlarmy.com GirlieGirlArmy.com

    You are fabulous. SO is Tim Gunn. So amazing to speak up in a season of hideous furs everywhere. I’ll be sure to tell the GirlieGirlArmy eco glamazons about this!