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I recently received a letter from reader Beau:

Hey DB,

I’m definitely in need of some help here in California! Here’s what’s up: I really beauwasn’t planning on going to my prom this year… that is until one of my good friends came out of nowhere and asked if I’d go with her as pals. Anyway, now I’m sort of freaking out about what the hell to wear in terms of a non-wool tux. I think I can handle the bow-tie (thanks for that post) and non-leather shoes. So maybe you could help me out in finding a fashionable, sustainable, vegan tux, or a good company that makes them?

Thank you for all that you do- you’re such an inspiration and The Discerning Brute is such a valuable resource.

Beau Broughton
Hey Beau,

Finding a non-wool, cruelty-free tuxedo or suit for a prom or a wedding is definitely a challenge. And finding an eco-friendly and cruelty free tux is next to impossible. If you’ve got money, I’d suggest having a tux custom tailored from organic cotton, or any other eco-friendly fabric.

There are a few expensive designer options. The first Versace jacket below isn’t a tux, per se, but you can dress it up with a bow tie:

Eco-Vegan Bamboo Sportcoat from Versace. $895 at Nordstrom:

Versace Collection Organic Two Button Sportcoat

This tuxdo is another really pricey option, but it’s green and cruelty free. Eco Vegan Bamboo/Cotton Velvet Tux from Peak Lapel. $1,661.95 at Sierra Trading Post (includes bamboo/cotton pants):

Isaia Velvet Tuxedo - Peak Lapel (For Men)

A more affordable option is Rawganique‘s organic, hemp, fair-trade ‘Wedding Jacket’ with matching slacks. $437 at

organic hemp dress jacket

There are even more affordable options from After Six, with a 100% poly (not as eco-friendly, but cruelty-free) Tux in white, bone, ivory, and black.

The white coat is shown with matching white formal trousers (100NN), Clover Aries vest (637MXO) and tie(637SLNU).

FOR RENT! Men’s Warehouse offers some poly options for rent, including a tailcoat:

Product Close Up Product Close UpProduct Close Up

Hope this helps, and have fun at prom!

Don’t forget to check out Jannj for the best silk-free ties, ascots, and bowties!


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  • Tuxedos

    Now a days Tuxedos is a best fascination factor to looking smart in parties.

  • TGIF

    I think having fun , looking great and saving the planet sounds better :) .

  • wedding tuxedo

    I’ve never heard of eco-tuxedos before, but i must admitt it’s a very good idea. Looking great while saving the planet, that’s a good challenge.

  • Catherine

    aren’t most of the suits at banana republic vegan? i also read a post on some website that had links to vegan suits at perry ellis, jcrew (they have cotton in 4 or so colors), and (i think) nautica. i decided the banana republic suits were best for my boyfriend (a lawyer)

  • m4rk0

    Oh my Josh,

    This kid is in high school. How about a few affordable recommendations.

  • Chloé Jo

    I love this “letters and response” feature! More more more!!

  • Dustin

    What about a vintage, velvet tuxedo from a thrift store? I got one once for less than $100…

    Just a thought.

  • Matt Lara

    You can start digging through those thrift store aisles as well. You might not find a wool-free suit, but you can find some interesting treasures without patronizing the wool industry.

    Also, my prom date and I were huge theatre dorks and rented costumes as our prom outfits. We went as Scarlet O’hara and Rhett Butler from Gone With The Wind. Just another option. No new tuxs or silk dresses had to be made and we just gave them back after we were done.

    -Matt Lara

  • Jason

    I don’t usually shop at H&M because I’m not a big fan of wearing something and having 7 million gay New Yorkers owning the exact same thing. HOWEVER, I did stumble in the other day over my lunch break to get out of the rain and noticed they have polyester tuxedo separates. And, they now carry organic cotton suits. A regular suit can definitely be dressed up for a black-tie look. (Besides, with what some of the girls are wearing to prom these days, I don’t think anyone would get upset if you’re not wearing tails.)

  • Deni Kaos

    or, if you are poor like me, you can head on over to Kohl’s, Target, and even Am Vets to find a synthetic suit.

    i found my blazer at Am Vets, and my vest and slacks at Target! totally cool.

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