Goof-Proof Ice Cream Cake

Do you have childhood memories of Carvel Cakes filled with chocolate crunchies and stacked with creamy layers? My roommate Alyssa made me an amazing Vegan Ice Cream Cake for my birthday last week – and it looked so gorgeous, and tasted even better, but was a cinch to make! That’s why we’re passing on the secret to you…


What You’ll Need:


  1. 1. Allow the 4 pints of ice cream to soften for about 20 minutes at room temperature. Don’t let it get too melty or the cake will be icy when re-frozen.
  2. 2. In a blender or processor, turn the cookies to crumbs! For a smoother, smaller crumble, process longer.
  3. 3. In your pan, make a base layer of cookie crumbles about 1/4 inch thick.
  4. 4. Using a spoon, scoop alternate layers of ice cream flavors and cookie crumbles as you please.
  5. 5. once you’ve reached the top of your pan or your desired cake thickness, cover with plastic and put it in the freezer to set for at least 45 minutes .
  6. 6. You can decorate the top anyway you want! Icing, writing, crumbles, etc…

Written by joshuakatcher

Joshua Katcher is an adjunct professor of fashion at Parsons The New School. His research focuses on sustainability and ethics in fashion production. He started The Discerning Brute in 2008 as a resource for men who want to make intelligent decisions concerning their lifestyles. With a focus on “fashion, food & etiquette for the ethically handsome man”, The Discerning Brute produces expert, essential content and boldly takes a stand. Brave GentleMan, the integrated, eCommerce brother-site of The Discerning Brute was launched in 2011 and features “principled attire” and “smart supplies” handpicked for informed indulgence.
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  • LolaBear

    Just made it! It’s still in the freezer but I know I tasted it and those cookies are perfect! I used Neopolitan ice cream throughout the entire cake.

  • Sara

    you are a fucking genius.

    • Buckyball69

      You are an uneducated dirtmouth

  • Jessica L. Caneal

    I made this for my boyfriends birthday and used chocolate mind Newman O’s for the cookies, since those are his favorite. The results were amazing! The cake got rave reviews from family members as well.

    Thanks so much for posting this.

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  • ASB

    Ok, I tentatively tried this recipe…and it totally worked! Plus, I got mucho points for making a “fancy” cake. I’d recommend going crazy with the flavors and topping layers. Thanks, DB!

  • Francisco

    I really want this now. This birthday boy wants it today! :D

  • Sam C

    Yes, a real ice cream cake that contains both ice cream and cake! Thanks!