Paris Journal, Day 2

Day two in Paris started with a warm baguette, strong espresso noir, soyja yogurt, and fresh fruit from the local market. Some of the baguette petit  tradicion had dark chocolate chips in it which were phenomenal. My goal for the day was to make it to the April 77 flagship store and splurge on a vegan motorcycle jacket, which I’d been saving up for.

The store was tre chic, filled with rock n’ roll inspired clothes, and hard-to-find items like vegan cowboy boots and thick sweaters made from cotton, as opposed to wool. There were still a few wool items straggling from previous seasons, but designer Brice Partouche, PR master Tommy, and Ben at the store all assured me that the collection will be totally vegan as of 2011. Ben, who was our salesperson was helpful and also had some fun tattoos which you’ll see in the photo album below. He even taught us how to say “fur is disgusting” and “you hate animals” in French, so I could say it to people in fur… which is almost everyone people in Paris. I mean, seriously? If the Arctic Pass had a prehistoric runway, you might be able to imagine what I’m taking about.

It was inspiring to see tags that read “cruelty free fabric and label” and handsomely designed labels that declare “Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather”. James got a seriously gorgeous, brown, waxed-canvas biker jacket and I went with a chambray shirt and a black jacket. I am lucky this store is so far away. I’d be broke. Well-dressed, but broke.

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Written by joshuakatcher

Joshua Katcher is an adjunct professor of fashion at Parsons The New School. His research focuses on sustainability and ethics in fashion production. He started The Discerning Brute in 2008 as a resource for men who want to make intelligent decisions concerning their lifestyles. With a focus on “fashion, food & etiquette for the ethically handsome man”, The Discerning Brute produces expert, essential content and boldly takes a stand. Brave GentleMan, the integrated, eCommerce brother-site of The Discerning Brute was launched in 2011 and features “principled attire” and “smart supplies” handpicked for informed indulgence.
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  • Meredeth Oliver

    I can’t find a size chart for their jackets anywhere. So disappointing! I’m ready to purchase one and I can’t risk ordering the wrong size. :(

  • VivreVegan

    I’ve been living in Paris for 4 years and have been vegan for a year and I had never heard about this store.
    And yes, you’re right, people seem to love fur here. Each time I go on the subway I feel disgusted. How did they react when you told them you’re newly learned sentences ?

    • joshuakatcher

      People just ignored me mostly – but then again, my pronunciation was probably wrong. Fourrure is not easy to say!
      Paris needs a SERIOUS anti-fur movement. Please get it started – and from a tactical perspective, bring it to them on their own turf – make the response fashionable and sexy!

      • VivreVegan

        We do protest against fur but maybe we should find something new. As you know, there are not a lot of vegans here and then all vegans don’t want to protest (or they do it differently).
        Paris, city of fashion… I’m sure if the next trend was wearing babies’ skin people would do it. Anyway, last week during a protest we showed some pictures to a girl wearing fur, she didn’t know how it was made and she was so deeply sorry she started to cry. That was quite nice to see, this girl can now talk about it to her friends and I’m quite sure she’ll never wear fur again ! But mostly, people laugh at us, or they are angry because they think it’s their right to wear what please them. Or they are with us 100%. Nothing in between.

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  • kittee

    us store needed!! those jackets are making my squee.

  • Kyle Svendsen

    Absolutely love the photos! Thanks for posting! Do they have an online store?

  • Chloe

    amazing!!! They need that store in NYC!

  • Melisser

    How is the womens selection? I want to go there!