Germany’s Strongest Man Is A Vegetarian

Deutscher Strongman Meister 2011 - Patrik Baboumian - Deutsche Strongman Meisterschaft - FlashreportAn den Kugeln konnte er nach 4 Punkten Rückstand im Kopf-an-Kopf an Daniel Wildt vorbeiziehen - Deutsche Strongman Meisterschaft - Flashreport

Back in June, I wrote briefly about German strongman Patrik Baboumian, whose hulk-like strength was impressive enough to make a documentary about. Patrick has just won Germany’s Strongest Man 2011 competition, and he currently holds the German crown in strength sports. From his own blog he says :

“After being LW champion in 2007 and 2009 and HW vice-champion in 2010, I finally hold the German crown in strength sports in my hands. It was a very hard battle in the rain and I had to fight against my injured calf as well but at the end I was victorious! Now I have proven finally, that being vegetarian makes you a better athlete!

Beim LKW Ziehen landete Patrik nur auf dem vorletzten Platz - Deutsche Strongman Meisterschaft - Flashreport


Written by joshuakatcher

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  • Christian C.

    Patrik is planing to make “the switch” comming new year, so 2012 Germany will have a VEGAN strongest man…
    Cheers from Berlin

    PETATV Germany

  • Ida Kavcic

    Greatings from Slovenia,

  • PlantPoweredLiving

    Awesome!!!  Plant Powered Living rocks!!!

  • Grace Quanyin

    Thank you so much for your noble efforts to show others that the compassionate, noble vegetarian/vegan diet is the best for us, for the animals, and for the planet. You are a guiding light and a model for others to follow.

  • Not Stupid

    It doesn’t matter whether or not you eat meat or just veggies, all you really need to reach this level of achievement is steroids.

    • Brian O’Neill


    • Brian O’Neill


    • alex

      strong man competitionas are drug free, same as worlds strongest man….

  • Sam

    He studied at Scott Pilgrim’s Vegan Academy. Bet he plays a mean bass guitar.

  • Karin Yates

    And being VEGAN makes you an even better athlete!

  • S Megles

    It is wonderful that Patrik has come forward and is touting the benefits of vegetarianism.  One day he may even decide to become vegan.  In the US we have some vegan wrestlers who are champions as well.  Go Patrik!