Bambi is Dead

by Patrick LaDuke

Humor Chic is a fashion blog by aleXsandro Palombo who critiques and satirizes fashion through illustration. It is updated just about daily, keeping you in the know of fashion’s latest controversies. He also happens to be a strong human and animal right’s advocate reporting on issues such as Cambodians being payed slave wages by H&M, the illegal trade of python skins for luxury fashion, and the Chinese fad of keeping live fish and turtles in keychains.

Below are a few images from his ongoing attack campaign STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY, targeting the likes of Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld and fashion label Fendi.

Written by Patrick LaDuke

Patrick LaDuke is currently a fashion design student. He interns at StyleZeitgeist Magazine and focuses on bringing attention to the environmentally devastating and unethical practices of the modern fashion system.

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