What’s in My Bag: Patrick LaDuke

IMG_0402  Although it changes from semester to semester, these are the typical items one might find on my person:

What’s in your bag? Organize and shoot your bag contents, tell us what’s there and why, and tag @thediscerningbrute on Instagram or @discerningbrute Twitter and you might get featured on TheDiscerningBrute.com if we like it!

Written by Patrick LaDuke

Patrick LaDuke is currently a fashion design student. He interns at StyleZeitgeist Magazine and focuses on bringing attention to the environmentally devastating and unethical practices of the modern fashion system.

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  • Michael Harren

    Man, I’ve had my eye on those headphones for a LOOOONG time. Glad to know they are vegan. This is a sign that I need to buy some at once!

    • http://www.facebook.com/patrick.laduke Patrick LaDuke

      Here’s an email from the company concerning how their earpad terminology works because the site is misleading.

      “Sorry for the late reply and confusion.
      We have to admit that we have not been very accurate with names for our ear pads. First of all, there are three different kinds of ear pads:
      Foam (they come with the TMA-1)
      Protein Leather (they also come with the TMA-1 and are called leather on the package)
      PU Leather (they are available as extra ear pads on our webshop).
      Now the newsletter writes about leather (which actually are the protein leather ear pads) and semi-lether (which are the PU leather ear pads). On our webshop we called the protein leather pads for semi-leather ear pads and the PU leather pads are called synthetic.

      The reason why we have different names is that we do not want to call the protein leather ear pads “leather pads” anymore, as they are not really made out of leather and the name is misleading. However we have not coordinated this very well so at the moment there is only confusion. We hope though to agree on names for the different pads soon.

      If you want to order some additional pads, using our webshop’s terminology, please refer to this:

      Semi-leather (protein leather pads, the ones that come with the TMA-1)

      Synthetic (PU leather pads).

      I deeply apologize for the confusion and hope I could sort it out for you. Please let me know if you have any further questions.”