Some people argue that Mike Mahler is the exception to the rule; he’s huge, powerful, and thrives on a vegetable-based diet. As a respected member of the fitness community, he’s got the strength to challenge stereotypes and prove that you can get big and strong without eating any animal products (Paleo what?). He has built […]


Noah Hannibal, AKA Vegan Tank, is one tough Aussie. That’s right, not every dude down-under is clogging up all their plumbing at Outback Steak House, or hunting crocks and kangaroos with boomerangs and giant knives, or any number of other ridiculous stereotypes that most Americans think about Hollywood’s Australia. Competitive powerlifter, hero to animals, photographer, […]

Michael Paul Crockett: Not TOFU-k With

Heavy-metal-headbanging, hard-hitting, hillbilly-pro-wrestling Mountain Mike Paul Crockett is not your typical vegan. In fact, along with ex-cattle rancher and “Mad Cowboy”, Howard Lyman, he’s one of the few people I’ve come across who’s been able to do such a drastic lifestyle 180º – defying all odds, and in the process, saving his life (along with […]

Mean Vegans

• New York Magazine released a list of “Mean Vegans” – vegan’s who, as we’ve been calling them here at The Discerning Brute, are Not TOFU-k With. On the NYM list is Timothy Bradley, Georges Laraque, Mike Tyson, Mac Danzig, Bryan Danielson, Russell Brand, Rob Bigwood, Alec Baldwin, Steve-O, and Bill Ford. However, their list […]


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