Mats Rombaut Gets Honest

by Patrick LaDuke

The newest Honest by collaboration is with Belgian shoe designer Mats Rombaut. The Honest by name ensures that the products will be produced sustainably, fairly, and transparently.  For the collection he made 2 unisex derbies, one in black, the other in silver. The shoes are made of an innovative bark material from Ugandan trees, coated in natural latex from the Amazon, and are completely vegan.

Run & Fell A/W 13

by Patrick LaDuke

Run & Fell, an ethical fashion brand based in England, just released their Autumn/Winter 2013 collection. Everything is produced locally, and they use sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp. Everything is hand made in limited batches in Manchester and they use more traditional, primitive printing methods such as lino and potato printing. The collection features mostly minimalistic prints and trees in somber colors with the occasional juxtaposed metallic.

Online Stockists:

Furniture for You and Your Little Dog Too

by Patrick LaDuke

The infamous Finnish furniture company Artek founded by Alvar Aalto, whose work is viewable at MoMA, has started a website for used furniture as part of a new environmental strategy. Artek 2nd Cycle and Vintage is a collection of their iconic furniture given a new life. Their goal is to raise the issue of conscious consuming whilst supporting their original and timeless design. They also manage to carry a few found pieces from other designers as well, such as Eames (make sure to read the details of any with upholstery in case they happen to be wool/leather).

Neroko is another Finnish design company, but for dogs. They produce sustainable design that doesn’t detract from your decor, but rather adds interesting minimalistic pieces to your interior. They offer wonderful alternatives such as wooden beds with changeable upholstery, ceramic drinking bowls, birch bowl stands, and even a natural jute dog toy! All of their products are transparently made in Finland.

Brackish is a furniture company based in Seattle. They use salvaged materials that they source from the Pacific Northwest. Each product is made to last, made to order, and produced locally. They will also do custom work.


What’s in My Bag: Patrick LaDuke

IMG_0402  Although it changes from semester to semester, these are the typical items one might find on my person:

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Bambi is Dead

by Patrick LaDuke

Humor Chic is a fashion blog by aleXsandro Palombo who critiques and satirizes fashion through illustration. It is updated just about daily, keeping you in the know of fashion’s latest controversies. He also happens to be a strong human and animal right’s advocate reporting on issues such as Cambodians being payed slave wages by H&M, the illegal trade of python skins for luxury fashion, and the Chinese fad of keeping live fish and turtles in keychains.

Below are a few images from his ongoing attack campaign STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY, targeting the likes of Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld and fashion label Fendi.