Lincoln Center Sustainable Fashion & PINNACLE

A photog from the RightyRightyRight fashion blog and zine snapped some photos of my rad outfit sponsored by CPas & NOVACAS at Lincoln Center, yesterday. In addition to the recycled-poly, hand-tailored blazer and vest, the organic cotton shirt and pants, the recycled-poly and recycled-cotton coat, the organic denim and vegan leather bag, and the NOVACAS vegan boots – I was wearing my April77 vegan biker jacket, carrying a Matt & Nat cruelty-free bag with recycled soda-bottle ultra-suede lining, and sporting my fav vintage sunglasses.

This happened right before I went into Lincoln Center and got interviewed by Robert Verdi. I showed him the PINNACLE Mag, to which he said “I already have that“. I was wowed. Mr. Verdi, are you anti-fur yet?

Huffington Post contributor, Andy Stepanian, wrote a really impressive article on PINNACLE: Reinvent The Icon today, featuring some of the amazing photos by Anthony Two Moons and Gregory Vaughan. PLease check it out and spread the word!

Buy Shoes, Plant Trees

:myCATS Video:SlideShow JPG:Life in Technicolor:Shoe pics:Imagen 149.jpgAfter a Blizzard took over NYC,  I’m already thinking about spring. Seeing some of the styles from myCATS, how could you not wait to slip in to some of these espadrilles. Along with all of the vibrant colors you can feel even better knowing that these eco-friendly kicks are handmade and they have partnered with the organization Tress for the Future.

For every shoe sold,  myCATS will plant 2 trees in your name. These trees not only clean our air by reducing carbon emissions and fighting global warming, but also provide significant income and livelihood options for people.  Trees provide medicine, beverages, fruit, soil fertility, erosion control and even something as simple as shade can help improve the quality of life for these people.”

Predicting The Future of Fashion

Ecouterre recently asked 28 Ethical Fashion experts to make predictions for what 2011 will bringThe Discerning Brute and our pal Leanne Mai-Ly from Vaute Couture, included!

Keep These Shoes on Sale

Keep Shoes is cool company that produces items with innovative, fashionable styles – and in even better news,  according to their website: “All Keep products are cruelty free”. These sweet moccasin, hi-top, buffalo check and fold-down kicks, as well as many other Keep styles are available on sale for a limited time at Jack Threads at around 50% off. Jack Threads is a Member-only site, so get your invitation by clicking here.

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John Bartlett on the Casualities of Wardrobe

For most people into fashion and expressing personal style through clothes and accessories – it is not a WARdrobe unless there’s causalities. John Bartlett continues to be a outspoken voice of reason among his CFDA peers and his colleagues in the design world. He is a personal friend, an award-winning designer, and I’ve decided to reprint a compelling entry from his blog yesterday:

2010 was an incredibly interesting year and one that I will always remember as the year I woke up from a dream, of sorts. You see, earlier this year i decided to move towards a plant based diet and to move away from using leather in my main collection, John Bartlett. My boyfriend John Esty and I decided to stop wearing leather, even our shoes and belts, and have begun encouraging our friends to seek out alternatives to leather and other animal derived materials.

This journey was prompted, ironically, by all of the animal fur that has returned to the forefront of fashion this past year. The fall collections were dripping with fur from almost two-thirds of the designers showing in New York. I have learned that many of the younger designers are given free “fabric”(i.e. fur), funding for their shows and other swag like trips to visit the fur farms abroad. Designers who have never worked in fur are now using it with abandon. I asked one colleague, a fellow member of the C.F.D.A., why he used fur and he replied that he “could take it or leave it” but that he wasn’t bothered about using fur because the animals are “humanely gassed”. Does that sound strange to you? Am I the only one who thinks the fashion industry is light years behind other industries that have realized the unnecessary cruelty of using animals for selfish, outmoded ends.

When I realized how much work there is to be done in this fur-free arena, I met up with the Humane Society to see what i could do to help get the word out that the pitiless fur industry mistreats and kills more than 50 million animals a year. I joined the groovy team from the fur-free department at the Humane Society and spoke in front of a group of Parsons students about my feelings about fur. There is so much information to share about the dark side of the fur industry and any opportunity to get in front of students before they are brainwashed by the fur pushers is an opportunity to save lives.

If you are unclear as to what the fur industry looks like from behind the scenes please watch this video and visit the Humane Society’s site: