Outerknown Evolution Menswear


Outerknown has released a new range of outerwear and board shorts made from recycled nylon sourced from reclaimed fishing nets. According to the UN FAO there are over 640,000 tons of abandoned fishing nets clogging up the oceans. Designer Kelly Slater says:

“By collecting the fishing nets that are regenerated into ECONYL® products, we lessen our environmental impact while also cleaning up the oceans that we love so much – and that unique commitment to sustainability is central to who we are as a company”


Borough Furnace: Possibly the Most Environmentally Friendly Skillet


Borough Furnace is a metal casting workshop in Syracuse, New York that was started through Kickstarter. They create small batches of hand made products using a traditional process that has been updated to be more environmentally friendly.

Their business centers around the Skilletron, a furnace that burns Waste Vegetable Oil to melt scrap iron at 3000ºF. Using old fryer grease as fuel helps to greatly eliminate the energy consumption typically associated with metal casting. In order to keep with their mission of consuming as little as possible, they only use recycled metal.


Three Leaves, Rapanui and Vivobarefoot

Rapanui is “an Award-Winning Eco-fashion brand from on the Isle of Wight”. They make organic, ethical clothing in factories powered by wind and solar energy. Every piece is rated on its sustainability with a letter grade from A-G: A being organic, ethical and sustainable, and G being none of the aforementioned. Where the award winning comes in however, is through their traceability. For all of their clothing they have both a map and a description of the entire process, what they call “from seed to shop”, showing the journey their clothing takes through the entire supply chain to get to the store. Not only are their products animal friendly, but they also work towards animal welfare.

“At Rapanui we will never use fur and none of the products on our site were made after being tested on animals, nor were they derived from animal products.”

Fairtrade Cotton / FSC Rubber Shoes Wolfpack Sweat

Three Leaves, from Red Hook Brooklyn, is a new eCommerce store entering the foray of ethical menswear. That carry brands using eco-friendly materials, with strict certifications like GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), cruelty free shoes like Novacas, and socially responsible brands that would never use sweatshop labor, they strive to offer fashion staples for the uncompromising man. Although not entirely vegan (there is some wool and  leather, e.g. jacket zipper, jean tag) they will make note of it in the item’s description.


Vivobarefoot offers eco barefoot shoes suited for most any lifestyle, from trail running to casual. They are made from recycled, locally sourced materials in ethical factories using sustainable production techniques. Each shoe has an eco matrix, in the form of a numerical rating, to score their environmental impact throughout the lifecycle. If a shoe is vegan, it can be found under the shoe’s “features” labeled “Eco Credentials: 100% Vegan”.

“Sprucing” Up the Place With Sustainable Decor

Patrick LaDuke joins The Discerning Brute’s lineup of incisive contributors and shares his take on interiors and furniture that dignify principled aesthetics.


  • Ranging from furniture to interior, LA’s District Millworks is the perfect alternative for an eco friendly household. As stated in their blog, ” We use reclaimed wood sources along with FSC wood and materials. We finish our projects with eco friendly materials. Our goal is 100% eco friendly and sustainable products.” Not only can one get a table made from wine barrel inserts, but also lighting made from the barrels’ rings. They even offer reclaimed wood floors.

  • NYC’s Voos Furniture supports local designers by showcasing and selling their work. Their eco friendly options inculde discarded construction material, reclaimed wood, and recycled cork just to name a few. Check out the wine rack made entirely from waste material from the wine cork industry pictured above.

  • Score+Solder is a simple green option by merely housing your plants in a very modern way. Handmade to order, these terrariums and planters are simply glass and lead-free solder.

Patrick LaDuke is currently a fashion design student. He focuses on sustainability and ethics in all of his work, and is passionate about all things vegan. He has been a vegan since 17 and is always in search for the latest in sustainable design. He is also an aspiring musician, artist, and pastry chef.

SOS: United By Blue’s Brian Linton Goes Vegan

United By Blue was started by Brian Linton out of a passion to help clean up and call attention to the dire condition of the oceans and rivers as a result of human activity, apathy and lack of knowledge. It wasn’t until more recently that Linton made an even deeper connection concerning his diet. He went vegan. “The fear of change was unjustified,” he explained during our conversation. “When I see steak or something that would have been a source of comfort, I don’t miss it. You only miss something if you want it. And I don’t want it.”



The Philadelphia-based entrepreneur is part of a growing population of young professionals who want to do so much more than punch in and out of meaningless office work. Inheriting a planet that has been scarred by generations who’ve seen it as nothing more than a stockpile of resources to be used up can be polarizing and motivating. Doing clean-ups and calling attention to issues like shark-finning, coral reefs, and organic cotton are at the core of UBB. And while the line itself still has some leather, the importance of heading towards completely vegan fashion is becoming paramount. Leather-tanning is one of the leading causes of water pollution, not to mention the staggering effects of livestock on GHG emissions, and resource consumption.

Jack Threads is offering United By Blue items at 41% off retail for a very limited time. Jack Threads is member’s only, so click here to get your invitation.

S.O.S Save Our Seas Short Sleeve T-Shirt Nautical Flags Short Sleeve T-Shirt  Buoys Short Sleeve T-ShirtBeach Cruiser Short Sleeve T-Shirt

“With the company that I run, it’s very environmentally focused,” Linton said. “We’re getting so much attention and I was looking at myself and my company more critically, trying to see if I was satisfied. We’re taking a significant amount of trash out of the oceans, but then I felt it was time to take on personal challenges to be more responsible. Also, my father recently recovered from cancer, and his diet had been my typical diet. So looking at causes of cancer, diet is one of them. The perfect storm was created.”

When I asked about any difficulties during his evolution to veganism, he paused thoughtfully and then went on, “The fear of change was unjustified… The people that I associate with in my generation in Philadelphia are much more inclined to accept it and support it. However, if I go to a typical restaurant there seems to be this reaction from people that, I don’t know – it’s an initial poking, patronizing, they think you’re missing out on meat so they wax poetic about what meats they love and how they want to go eat a burger. It’s hard to convince someone that I am not actually missing out on anything. I went out to eat with my grandparents, and I didn’t even want to bring it up. They really, really wanted me to get the steak because they were treating. I got the vegetable plate and they were just perplexed. My father-in-law went crazy when he found out, and he wanted to talk serious with my wife about my diet. He’s worried that our kids are going to be ill. There’s definitely this generational problem.”

The bright side is that, like may skeptics of veganism who actually give it a try, the positive results are often overwhelming. “I’ve always had a bad knee, and I was a habitual nail biter, but for some reason, those things have just stopped. I’m not sure if it’s associated with the vegan diet, but the changes in habit are probably related. I’ve also always had a bad back, and even that feels less painful than it used to. I’m enjoying clarity of thought and it’s improved my work.”

“I thought it was going to be difficult, but it’s been so enjoyable I just stopped lamenting. When you really start embracing it, you don’t miss anything, and you find things you’d have never tried. I went to brunch over the weekend to a farm fresh place – I usually would have gotten steak and eggs, but I got scrambled tofu and vegan chorizo tacos, and it’s really quite exciting. Philly has such a good vegan food scene.”

United By Blue continues to grow and do incredible work. The line is carried at over 200 stores including all of Nordstrom’s 43 stores, at UrbanOutfitters.com, and at over 50 Japanese retailers. Collaborations with Method Soap, who recycle the collected plastics into soap bottles, and larger fashion brands like Sperry Topsider keep things relevant and moving towards a larger impact on affecting change.