Vegan Matzoh Ball Soup Recipe


The eight crazy nights of Hanukkah may be over, but Matzoh Ball Soup is a Jewish soul-food recipe that should be in your arsenal of cold-weather comforts. In this video I show you how to make a big pot of flavorful soup with those crave-worthy matzoh dumplings that can feed a small party. Your bubbie would be proud.

You’ll Need:
• Large Soup Pot
• 5-6 cups Matzoh Meal
• 12 Vegan Eggs (I used the VeganEgg from Follow Your Heart)
              * combine w/ 4½ cups Ice-cold water (or swap cold seltzer for more fluffy balls)
• 2 medium onions
• 4 cloves garlic
• 1 tsp Baking powder
• 1 Tb nutritional yeast
• 1 Tb vegetable boullion base (I use Seitenbacher)
• 1 cup dried porcini mushroom
• handful of fresh dill (about ½ cup)
• about 12 cups water for broth
• Salt & Pepper to taste

This is just a basic recipe that can be customized to your liking. Want to add coined carrots and chopped celery for Ashkenazi accuracy? Go for it. Throw in broccoli, kale, seitan, or Beyond Meat Chicken and make it more protein packed. 

For Directions, watch the video above.

Men’s Holiday Shopping

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The Noir 29, Liam Hemsworth, GQ’s Burger & The Best Briefcase

I love black tea, and it’s no surprise that The Noir 29 from our favorite olifactory sorcerers at Le Labo might give Santal 33 a run for it’s money. Read this description like a love letter: The scent combines depth and freshness, softness and strength through permanent oscillation between the light of bergamot, fig and bay leaves and the depth of cedar wood, vetiver and musk. A special extraction of black tea leaves wraps up the composition by bringing to the formula a dry, leafy, hay, tobacco feeling… 


Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth has publicly announced he’s gone vegan – for the animals. Welcome to team V, Liam. Check out his interview in Men’s Fittness where he says, “There are no negatives to eating like this. I feel nothing but positive, mentally and physically. I love it. I feel like it also has a kind of a domino effect on the rest of my life.”

NG_strength_TSpeaking of being a vegan dude, The Discerning Brute’s resident dietician Matt Ruscigno MPH RD, recently did a cool, easy-to-understand nutrition guide for men, and you need to read it.
Here’s an excerpt: When it comes to dudes and plant-based diets, there’s a lot ofmisinformation and disinformation circulating that purposefully preys on common insecurities like virility, strength and general manliness. The mainstream media sure loves a story about soy leading to emasculating effects like low sperm count and men growing boobs. But we also know that there are tons of top strength and endurance athletes who are vegan, as well as average guys who eat plant-based and just lead normal lives.

Brave GentleMan’s new Faunus Soft Briefcase is straight-up gorgeous. Made in New York City’s historic Garment District using tough-as-nails, supple, hi-tech Italian future-leather, this is  t h e  bag for the professional. It strikes a nice balance between being big enough for your laptop and paperwork, but small enough to remain sleek and effortless.

FaunusSoftBrfcse Magazine recently did something very un-GQ like. They named the Burger of the Year a vegan burger. Yup. NYC’s Superiority Burger, a vegetarian burger joint (I guess they’re not totally vegan yet because they haven’t had Miyoko’s Creamery‘s Rustic Alpine or Cheeze Hound‘s Mutzerella) took the prize… and I honestly can’t imagine any GQ readers’ heads exploding anymore, because I think the time has come where regular people love food identified as “vegan”, and the recent innovations and advancements in vegan cooking techniques are simply irresistible. Try not to get a superiority complex about it.


Eric Mirbach of Vegan Good Life

by Eric Mirbach


Hi, my name is Eric and I founded a magazine. Let me tell you: It’s a wild ride. I wanted to be an activist and from where I stand, activism might come in many shapes and sizes, but can always be measured by the the grade of it’s effectiveness. I had been looking for a way to raise awareness for everything that’s wrong with exploiting animals, and after some soul-searching, I realized it would indeed be effective to simply use the trade in which I was already an expert to help the cause I’m trying to push forward. Rather than trying to learn a new trade, invest time and work to wrap my head around something new, I knew that if I stuck to my guns, I could do something solid and start right away.

I’m a photographer as well as an editor and I have been working for magazines for a pretty long time now. I’m based in Germany, but I’ve been traveling, shooting and writing articles, and have been published hundreds of times – but only when I partnered up with ex-model Julia Koch, who had ended her international career simply because it was impossible for her to match her ethical views with the demands of the job, I started to grasp that I could very well keep doing all that. I just needed to shift focus, pick up another subject for my work.


So combining Julia’s inside knowledge of the high fashion world with my background in magazine making, Vegan Good Life Magazine was founded late 2014. With a background story like that and with our combined knowledge of fashion and lifestyle, photography, word-smithing, art and design, it was obvious that the magazine we would be putting out would have to be outside the box, taking the general idea of veganism one step further – especially when you look at the way vegans are still seen as radical hippies in large parts of Europe.

Vegan Good Life turned out to be a high end publication printed on thick, quality recycled paper, combining a slick design with superb photography, talking about all things nice and shiny, especially things other than food. We both felt that it only made sense to widen the view by leaving the most obvious (and easy) topic out and shift focus from food to all the other aspects of life which are, in the public eye at least, not connected to veganism at all – even if it meant taking a risk. At least at German newsstands, everything’s rather conservative and strictly categorized. This was reason enough for us to go and take another leap of faith by going bilingual. Vegan Good Life is both German and English (in one magazine), so we opened up to an international audience while keeping our roots deeply integrated into the DNA of the magazine.

The second issue of Vegan Good Life (with no other than The Discerning Brute’s Joshua Katcher and Vaute Couture’s Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart on the cover) can still be ordered online on our website:

Issue #03 is in the works right now and will be out November 2015. We work a lot, don’t go out too much, but we make a point of eating healthy, cooking a lot, exercise regularly. There’s always a ton of stuff to do – we struggle with the sheer amount of correspondence we now have to face everyday. Our inboxes are trying to kill us, basically. Oh and did I mention how insanely expensive printing a magazine is? And isn’t it crazy how it all doesn’t matter when you just know you’re onto something? When it all feels so right, there’s no reason good enough to stop doing it.

Feel free to check out Vegan Good Life. We’re making it for you!

Powerlifter Vs. Vegan Strongman, Plus Metal


What happens when a champion powerlifter goes up against a vegan strongman and you throw in some pulsing metal and a headbanging host for good measure? Strength Wars! Patrik Baboumian, a 282 lb. vegan Strongman battles Jiří Tkadlčík, a 231 lb. Powerlifter in a challenge including 10 reps of 250 kg deadlifts, 50m of a 180kg prowler, 10 keg lifts at 80kg, and then another 50m with the prowler!