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Blind Barber Hosts “The Vegan Phenomenon” Panel, Nov 5th
One of my favorite sports to get a trim, Blind Barber, will be hosting an event on November 5th for Raising The Bar, a worldwide initiative that makes education part of the urban pop-culture landscape, creating knowledge-driven events in unlikely places. “The Vegan Phenomenon” will be the topic of a panel discussion Wednesday November 5th. The Discerning Brute/ Brave GentleMan’s Joshua Katcher will speaking on the panel along with Diana K. Rice: RD & PR Associate, The Monday Campaigns, Peggy Neu: President, The Monday Campaigns, and Sarah Copeland: Food Director, Real Simple. Tickets are only $5! Click here.

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The Vegan Phenomenon
Wednesday November 5th

7:30PM @ Blind Barber
339 East 10th Street,
New York, NY 10009, USA

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Largest Duck Farm Raided After Investigation

Chickens and turkeys aren’t the only animals who are factory farmed in the United States. A new Mercy For Animals investigation at one of the nation’s largest duck factory farms exposes sickening cruelty and criminal neglect of ducks.

The investigation documents:

• Baby ducklings having the tips of their beaks burned with red-hot metal
• Ducks suffering from illness and injuries without proper veterinary care
• Birds trapped in or under the wire cage flooring left to slowly suffer and die
• Ducks having their throats cut while still conscious and able to feel pain