ROMBAUT‘s two previous menswear collections received positive acclaim from press and are stocked at a selection of forward-thinking niche boutiques such as Comme des Garçons (Tokyo), Layers (London), Glossy (Shanghai) , Stijl (Brussels), The Number 4 (Kuwait), ODD (New York), Paris Oracle (Rome), to name a few.

For Autumn Wintter 2014/15, ROMBAUT introduces ROMBAUT OBJECTS, a new capsule collection that includes bags and small accessories. Their philosophy and convictions remain the same.  “We reflect the image of a generation that has to grow up in insecure times and which tries to create its own path. We question everything, make informed choices and fight for our ideas. As strong evolutions always come from culture, we’ve been inspired by movements that changed the history of art. Our models’ minimal shapes, fabric contrasts and clean lines refer to the concepts of collage, layering and forward thinking, and respect the fact that every detail is meaningful.”

Artisanally crafted in Italy, ROMBAUT shoes represent a unique crossover between high fashion and ecological awareness. Eliminating toxic and animal-derived substances in the process. ROMBAUT represents more than just a shoe, but a directional fashion concept designed for a more balanced future.


ROMBAUT takes artisanal shoemaking to a natural extreme, while ROMBAUT OBJECTS uses sustainable materials that are strong, durable, and more adapted for every day wear.

BRUNO CARVALHO: Vegan Warrior Royalty


Bruno Carvalho is 32 year-old welterweight MMA champ who is a Brazillian transplant living in Sweden, training with Team Carvalho at Allstar Training Center. His warrior lineage is no surprise, with a grandfather who was a seventh Dan in Judo and founded the Itapagipano de Judô Club in Brazil in 1966,  a great-uncle who was a Vale Tudo legend, and an five black belt uncles, one of whom gave Bruno his black belt in Jiu-Jitsu in 2003. Bruno went on to win more than fifty trophies in Judo, Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Wrestling, among them four BJJ State Championships and a Silver Medal at the European Championships in Jiu-Jitsu in 2007.


Bruno had an eight-fight unbeaten run from 2009 to 2011 which culminated in capturing the Middleweight Championship of World Freefight Challenge, the biggest and most professional Mixed Martial Arts organization in Southern Europe – but Bruno’s last fight in October of 2013 ended with Carvalo knocked out. For the last several months, Bruno has been training hard, preparing for his next fight against Norwegian Moshen Bahari on March 22, 2014. Part of Carvalho’s edge is that he has been vegan for over two years, and credits his veganism for the seemingly limitless endurance that he displays while training seven-day weeks.


Bruno took a break from training to have a quick chat with me:

Joshua Katcher:  Bruno, when was your last fight and how did it go? When is your next, and what are you doing to prepare?
Bruno Carvalho: My last fight was in October of last year [2013], it didn’t go so well. I’ve been dealing with lots of injures and personal stuff. I’m fighting Moshen Bahari on March 22, 2014 in Denmark, and I’m preparing very well, all the shit has passed, and now it’s full focus!

JK: You grew up surrounded by martial arts. Your family is a sort of ‘martial arts royals’. What was that like, and did you ever consider doing anything else?
BC: That was and is the best thing I can think of and wouldn’t ask God for something else! Never considered doing another thing, that’s how my family lives and that’s what I love to do!

JK: Outside of fighting and training, what are you up to?373796_10150394156766336_322591490_n
BC: I read a looooot about everything, love to read on nutrition, health… All vegan related book and athletes, also successful people’s biographies. From them we can always learn!

JK: You moved from Brazil to Sweden. Was that a bit of culture shock? Did it have anything to do with your veganism? How long have you been vegan and why have you chosen to be vegan?
BC: It was a big shock in all areas! I came here to teach and train, I wasn’t vegan at the time (unfortunately).  I started as a vegetarian and feeling the progress in my life and training, the vegan tradition came along and now it’s been 2 years.

JK: MMA is a hyper-masculine world. Caring about animals and being vegan isn’t necessarily seen as “masculine” by the mainstream. How do your family, friends, teammates and competitors respond to your veganism? Have you experienced any misunderstanding, bullying or ridicule because of it?
BC: Well, there’s always lots of jokes and questions, but the results and my performance show them the reality! I really don’t care when they joke, I just love to prove them wrong.


JK: You captured the Middleweight Championship of World Freefight Challenge. What does your training regimen look like as far as food and exercise in order to be a champion?
BC: I love to train very hard, and as much as I possibly can every single day. That’s one reason I became vegan, because it gives me the advantage to recover faster and train harder! I train every day of the week, even on Sundays I do a complementary sesh! Diet wise, I eat lots of fruits, salads, veggies, shakes…. You love to eat too!

JK: I do love to eat too, but I don’t work out as much as you do! What issues do you care about the most, and how do you address them?
BC: I care the most about health and performance… But of course I’m an animal lover and having watched many vegan videos and movies, I just can’t be contributing to violence against animals. We must respect all kinds of life!


JK: Do you know any other vegan athletes? Do you guys ever talk and trade advice?
BC: Yes! My good friend Akira Corassanii in NY is a vegan fighter, and I always talk to other vegan and vegetarian athletes and check their FB pages for news.

JK: What is your signature move?
BC: I have good throws because of my judo background, and on the floor I always get omoplatas and triangles!


JK: You’ve traveled a lot for work. What are you favorite places you’ve been, and where is the best vegan food int he world?
BC: I loved Thailand, and Middle Eastern countries are very attractive too! Best vegan food? Hmmm, always at home!


By Adam Gnade, Author

photo: Adam Gnade

I don’t know about you but I’m friends with a lot of heartbroken, frustrated people. Good people, smart people, but people who can’t pull their lives out of the muck and thrive no matter how hard they try. I’m that way too sometimes. I’m bad with money. I get fatalistic and confused and I forget half of what I’m supposed to remember (and remember half of what I’d rather forget). I have shit luck and I suck at life but I’m trying to live better. I want all the things I dreamed of when I was a kid. I want victory and satisfaction and rest, and I want to have a cleaner, easier time of it. “It” being everything, the whole damn ride, birth to death and all points in between.

A few years ago I gave away all my things and left Portland on a Greyhound bus to help start an animal rescue sanctuary in rural Kansas. My friends and I run a publishing house from the front room to pay the bills and keep us in chicken feed and t-posts and dry corn and fencing wire. The cats and rescue pitbulls sleep in the house and the farm animals (goats, chickens, ducks, sheep, and one mini pig) sleep in the barn and graze in the lower acres below the house. The goal is to live beholden to no man; to be free, wild, an outlaw; if living outside the law means cutting ties with a thing you don’t believe in enough to obey.

photos: Jessie Duke

It’s been four years and we’re not “there” yet but we’re getting close. Which feels good, but it can be a struggle. From dealing with ex-livestock death and endless winter to learning to build structures sturdy enough to keep out the coyote packs, responsibility weighs heavy. Now, there are struggles that wear you down and there are healthy struggles that build you up and (I think, I hope) this is one of the latter.

Regardless, life out here can be heavy and dark and mean. It’s the Real Life and sometimes Real is anything but fun or easy. It’ll smack you the fuck down. You’ll go to ugly places; to the very bottom of everything, but sometimes that’s just what you need to shape up and rise above the shit-storm. One thing I learned this past year is that every once in a while you need to get your ass kicked in order to see clearly and get back on the right path. You’ll get tough and if you can get tough without getting bitter or closed-off then you’re better off than most.

photo: Jessie Duke

This new bimonthly column will be a series of notes on finding a better, kinder, smarter way to live, on finding your place as a good man in a mean world. The thing is, life is too short to waste your time on a decades-long losing streak. I want more than that and I hope you do too. Maybe we can figure out some of this together. Forget the romanticized “rugged, American individualism,” a search is always better with a fellow searcher.

The Vegan Draws First Blood!

Game of Arms,

I attended the NYC cast and crew party for AMC’s new show about the competitive world of arm wrestling, Game of Arms. Rob Bigwood, the tatted, youthful, vegan member of the NYC Arms Control team, destroyed bras de fer legend Allen Fisher, a 57-year-old, 26-time world champion, 3-0 in the opening match. The announcer shouted, “the vegan draws first blood!” The crowd who gathered at the bar in Union Square to watch the premiere live on the big-screen, roared as Bigwood put his name on the map for all of America to see.

The show is definitely exciting, full of drama led by strong, likeable and despicable personalities, and is shot beautifully. One of my favorite parts? Seeing a vegan blow misconceptions about strength out of the water in this 4,000 year old sport.

Catch the show on Tuesday at 10/9c.

Bigwood and Katcher locking-up at the Game of Arms NYC premiere party.

Vegan Gold Medalist, Alexey Voyevoda


Alexey Voyevoda, native of Sochi, has been vegan for over three years and he just won gold for Russia. He’s been a professional bobsleigher since 2002 and is well-known as a championship pro arm wrestler (is anyone thinking what I’m thinking ? A vegan arm-wrestling hulk face-off: Rob Bigwood vs. Alexey Voyevoda?). In a recent PETA interview Voyevoda says of his vegan lifestyle:

I no longer eat the suffering and pain of defenceless animals. Secondly, my body has become lighter, so to say “clearer”. Thirdly, in my profession, flexibility and elasticity are incredibly important, and I increased both of these. And fourthly, now I almost never suffer from a cold or flu. –