Ultramarathoner Scott Jurek Sets New Record

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photo: Scott Jurek Instagram

Scott Jurek, one of the best endurance athletes in the world, has set yet another record by averaging about 50 miles per day while journeying from Atlanta to Maine on the famed 2,189-mile Appalachian Trail. He did it in 46 days, eight hours and seven minutes, beating the existing record by over three hours. Jurek, like many top athletes, is a vegan.  An article from The Denver Post reads:

Jurek is one of the most famous and accomplished ultramarathoners in history and has hinted that this feat might be his last before retirement. He has won some of the sport’s most revered races, including the Western States 100 in California seven consecutive times from 1999 to 2005 and the 2007 Hardrock 100, which starts and ends in Silverton and winds through the San Juan Mountains through Lake City, Ouray and Telluride. At that race, he bested the course record at the time by more than half an hour while running with a sprained ankle.

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Check out the video documenting the completion of this historic race:

Mr. Universe Goes Vegan

Mr. Universe 2014, Barny Du Plessis has announced in a recent interview that he’s now “all about the vegan gains”. Du Plessis won Mr. Universe 2014, and soon transitioned to being a “one-hundred percent, wholehearted, staunch warrior vegan”.


He was born and raised as a vegetarian until he was 18 years old, but when he first started training, he, like many other athletes, believed that animal protein was something magical that was required to build muscle mass. “When I became a bodybuilder I decided I needed more protein [and] it took quite a bit of work to start eating meat, I didn’t like the idea of it… I became much more dissociated with our environment.” He also says, “I didn’t really care about animals… I didn’t want to address any suffering… I couldn’t empathize”.

People say you can’t be a top athlete as a vegan. Absolute bullocks


Since going vegan, he has actually gained even more mass, now at 107 Kilos, and

he claims that there’s been no negatives. He wakes up with more energy and recovers faster. This is quite an endorsement for a vegan lifestyle from someone who takes his physique very seriously.

Barney is not the first bodybuilder to make waves with veganism – just check out PlantBuilt.com, but he is the reigning Mr. Universe which puts him in a unique position to help combat common myths about veganism. “If you have a good variety of different food…like beans, nuts, pulses, grains, rice…they all have protein in them.”

As for the haters, he exclaims, “People say you can’t be a top athlete as a vegan. Absolute bullocks!”

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Rombaut, Kuyichi, Persimmon, Amulet, Mississippi

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Impact Workout

Muscle & Fitness Magazine recently told us about “6 Ripped Vegans” we should follow. But it turns out that a good workout isn’t the only thing that’s tough. Finding high-performance workout basics that are sustainable, ethical and vegan can feel like a marathon of frustration (almost as frustrating as explaining that not only can you build muscle on a vegan diet, but athletic vegan men actually have higher levels of testosterone than meat-eaters). That’s why I’ve selected some of my favorite items that will make you feel as good about working out as you do after you’ve crushed it.

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Backpacks for Men

The backpack is not just for kids. It’s practical, comfortable, and frees up your hands to do other things like check emails, give high-fives, or run quickly to the subway while eating a bagel and drinking an iced coffee. Finding a backpack that is made fairly using sustainable and vegan materials is a challenge in an industry that worships animal skins and cheap labor, so that’s why I picked out my top 5 favorite backpacks that are made as handsomely as they look.