Bob Harper Interview

“It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way” for Farm Sanctuary, produced by Joshua Katcher

New York Post: Human Meat Packages

DBTV: PARISIAN PIONEER, C-PAS’ Pierre-André Senizergues

DBTV: Red Carpet, 24th Annual Genesis Awards

DBTV: Moby Interview

DBTV: Jeff Corwin

Earth FML (on Chatroulette), by GRIST

DBTV: Vaute Couture at The Green Shows A/W 2010

DBTV: Girlie Girl &; The Brute at The Green Shows S/S 2010, Pt 1

DBTV: Girlie Girl &; The Brute at The Green Shows S/S 2010, Pt 2

DBTV: Girlie Girl &; The Brute at The Green Shows S/S 2010, Pt 3

DBTV: Tarkan Interview

DBTV: April77 DIY Denim Party at OAK NYC

DBTV: Victoria Bartlett VPL Spring/Summer 2010

DBTV: John Norris TV – BTS Shopping: Paul Iacono Goes Eco

DBTV: Davey Havok of AFI (part 1)

DBTV: Davey Havok of AFI (part 2)

DBTV: Davey Havok of AFI (part 3)

DBTV: Plant Strong! Texas Firefighter, Rip Esselstyn of “The Engine 2 Diet”

DBTV: No Girls Allowed: A Video Interview w/ SKINNY BASTARD’s Rory Freedman

DBTV: Girlie Girl & The Brute Interview Elizabeth Olsen, Vegan Shoe Maven

DBTV: Project Runway’s TIM GUNN on Fur

DBTV Valentine Special: TODD OLDHAM HEARTS YOU – 2/09/09

DBTV Episode 1: “Concrete Catwalk” – 1/31/09

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  • Donny Moss

    These interviews are fantastic. Nice to see celebrities talk about compassion for animals….

    As someone who spends half my life preaching to the converted, I hope that Moby reaches new people with Gristle. I can’t wait to read it….

  • Justin Brown

    Hey, Joshua. Um, I don’t mean to be a pain, but i feel like that segment with Davey Havok contained a tiny bit of ignorance. I want to make sure you guys know that christianity isn’t anti-Vegan. In fact, they share an enemy: GLUTTONY. Many people support the eating of beef with the Bible (even so, I don’t partake of the bloody goodies), but I seriously doubt it was God’s intention for mankind to mass breed cows and other animals to slaughter for the shelves of grocery stores and nasty burger joints. And gluttony doesn’t just concern food, it concerns clothing and anything that can be consumed. Animals weren’t meant to be sewn together to make a mink fur coat, either. Sorry for the rant, but I believe God is LOVE, and unfortunately He is represented by some ugly, hypocritical, hateful, glutinous human beings. I want to share the LOVE with humans AND animals alike.


  • ironvegan

    Your site absolutely rules!

  • http://www.myspace/ lauren

    this is so funny and so true i love how he shows the bunnys screaming and the womans like, o well

  • Vered

    I was already against fur, but now these videos made me relize even more how cruel this is! They should outlaw this industry!

  • Antonio

    Joshua, The Discerning Brute gets better every day. I really appreaciate the work you’re doing here, with so much grace and intelligence. Thanks so much!

  • Marianne

    Very, very good!:-)

  • Leslie Roth

    Please include me with the video updates. Thank you. Leslie Roth