Every Saturday night is an excuse to celebrate in Brooklyn. Behind a maze of hallways in an inconspicuous spot near the Williamsburg Bridge, Chef Matteo's culinary creations satisfy the most particular palates with a gorgeous candle-lit dining experience in a rustic-modern Brooklyn loft that brings together both the adventurous and the discriminating.

The presentation is stunning and artful, featuring local, organic, seasonal, and sustainable fresh ingredients from NYC's Green Markets. The seating is large dining tables where you have the freedom to be social and arrive alone, or take a corner with a date. I'll be in San Francisco for this week, but will definitely make it to the next one!

Saturday, April 5th, 2008 4 Course Vegan presents: 5 Years of Fine Dining in Williamsburg

$40 per person dinner is at 8pm space is limited/RSVP in advance 718-599-5913 MENU at www.4coursevegan.com

4 Course Vegan 4 Course Vegan 4 Course Vegan4 Course Vegan