A World Gym ad which ran in 1990 in all the major bodybuilding magazines. From left to right, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu, Eddie Giulliani, Joe Gold, Bob Paris, Danny Padilla, and Jim Morris. Jim Morris, the age-defying 77-year old bodybuilder who is still ripped was featured today on the Huffington Post. Morris' own website says "I decided to become a vegetarian in 1985 at age 50. In 2000 at age 65 I became a vegan."

According to HuffPo, "Morris ended his 19-year retirement from bodybuilding to compete for the Mr. Olympia title; he won in the over-60 division. Morris now lives in Venice Beach, California and works as a trainer."


Jim Morris on left circa 1979 & right circa circa 1950's, The Lon Collection, bottom, circa 2012