Mac Danzig is one tough vegan mo'fo'. Most mainstream athletes and trainers are not only skeptical of the vegan lifestyle - but they tend to ridicule it - imagining vegans to be frail, pale, and weak - and subscribing to outdated and dis-proven fallacies like the 'protein myth' and 'calcium myth'. fight

Touché. Mac has won numerous world titles in smaller organizations on his way to the UFC and is not only a fighter, but also a teacher of mixed martial arts in Hollywood California. A vegan, naturalist, animal rights activist and serious photographer, Danzig transcends the typical stereotype of a combat athlete.

Mac recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal article entitles "The 247 lb. Vegan" (thanks to Karen of Dawnwatch for the link) about the NFL star Tony Gonzalez and other pro-athletes who've tried the vegan diet like the NBA's Salim Stoudamire of the Atlanta Hawks.

Mac Danzig

"From humble beginnings, to a meteoric rise towards the highest ranks of mixed martial arts, last month, on a vegan diet of brown-rice protein, beans, soy, nuts and vegetables, Mr. Danzig defeated the last of his challengers in Spike TV's "The Ultimate Fighter." - WSJ

"...When fight fans learned Mr. Danzig was a vegan, some said they didn't think he'd have the strength, or the stomach, to conquer the ultra-violent sport, which combines kick-boxing and wrestling. "It's about animal rights," Mr. Danzig says, "not human rights." - WSJ


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