Aaron Simpson Drops the A-Word. Puma drops the L-Word.

• Aaron Simpson is making his welterweight debut tonight, and in this interview, talks about why he's gone vegan for "animal rights" reasons. (Check out our Pinterest board of other veg strong-guys).


• Puma Chairman Jochen Zeitz, is calling for an end to the use of leather. He also admits to largely cutting meat out from his diet and encouraging meatless-Mondays at Puma offices.

Puma will have to stop using leather in its famous football boots and trainers because it is such an environmentally damaging product, the sportswear company’s executive chairman has said.

“I think eventually we’ll have to look at alternative materials, there’s no question about it,” Jochen Zeitz told the Financial Times in an interview at the UN Rio+20 earth summit. “We should eat less meat, all of us, and we should use less leather, I mean that’s reality.”

Source: (Financial Times)