The "Banjamin" from NOVACAS is making us drool. We love the direction in which NOVACAS has been going, first with their sleek Leo boot, and now with this smart cap-toe ankle boot. Keep 'em coming, NOVACAS! BenjaminNOVACAS

Our pal Pierre, from the HSUS recently exposed on the news how real dog fur is being sold as faux. I have little patience as it is for idiots who think fur is fabulous, and this just adds fuel to the fire! Grrrr!


When was the last time you ate a delicious Furious Vulva? Blustocking Bobons by Lagusta's Luscious features these bittersweet chocolate vulva with pink peppercorns and Hawaiian pink sea salt, among other vegan chocolate creations like PB Cups and truffles! Check them out and get your chocolate fix while supporting organic, fair-trade, fresh and local ingredients!

Placeholder photo.Photo of peanut butter cups.Box of eight nutty-flavored truffles.