We are so excited about Knowledge Cotton Apparel who make 100% organic cotton garments in our favorite nerd-chic styles! We adore their owl-pattern knits and their ivy-league stripes, and especially their shawl-collar cardigans. Steer clear of their down jackets, though and we're in the process of finding out whether this Danish label's buttons and tags are actually leather...so stand by! Keeping our fingers crossed.

Animal Minds.

WNYC's Radiolab explores an ever-mysterious inquiry. When we gaze into the eyes of our beloved pets, can we ever really know what they might be thinking? Is it naive to assume they're experiencing something close to human emotions? Or, on the contrary, is it ridiculous to assume that they AREN'T feeling something like that? In this hour of Radiolab, they explore what science can say about what goes on in the minds of animals.

Egg-laying hens confined in battery cages.


Is New York next to phase out the cruelest forms of factory farming?

Our friend Jasmin Singer, Examiner.com's official Animal Rights examiner, explores how this trend is sending shock-waves from the EU to several states in the US. Are veal crates, gestation crates, and battery cages on their way to becoming relics of torture in New York State? Read the article.