April 77, created by our favorite rock-n-roll, vegan, Parisian designer Brice Partouche, is cleverer than everer. Their new collection features runes-style codes that let you download exclusive music tracks!

John Fluevog does it again. My favorite leather-free shoes from last season are back in a smart navy, tan, black and red plaid. Knock em' dead with these and a pair of fitted jeans, khakis, or a navy suit. Resin and wood soles, faux-suede interior, cotton uppers and all ethical handsomeness.  $189

CBC (Navy Plaid)

Adbusters #91: The Revoltion IssueADBUSTERS' "The Revolution Issue" is a must-read for anyone who wants to change the world.

"It may be hard to imagine a revolution erupting tomorrow, but we need to remember that human history is one of resistance, riot and rebellion. In this issue, Adbusters #91: The Revolution Issue – I, Revolution, we provide a look back at history’s greatest struggles as well work from some of today’s freshest radical thinkers."



Trousers London offers an adaptation of the classic T5 – 100% Raw Organic Denim with a premium shirting fabric used as lining in a lighter, brighter check, with the piping detail on the side pockets. $294