When was the last time that dressing like a rebel was actually rebellious? Ashton Hirota, founder of the Ashton Michael label, first made his debut at Los Angeles Fashion Week in 2002 and has since taken the fashion and entertainment industry by storm with a black-book of clients you wouldn't believe. Hirota is pushing boundaries and always redefining counter-cultural aesthetics, remembering that being counter-cultural requires digging deeper than visuals alone. As a stylist and designer, Hirota's most recent collection, Ashton Michael Black Label,  featured garments constructed entirely of fabric made from recycled water bottles (PET) provided by Reth¿nk Fabrics, tencel, bamboo, and coconut. The collection was inspired by post punk, androgyny, and military masculinity - an uncommon combination of the power and intimidation communicated in military and punk fashion with a truly urgent (and rebellious) need to shift how we acquire and produce raw materials. Click HERE for my video interview with Ashton!