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Ask Gene, Save the Planet to Death, Matt & Nat Sample Sale!

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• As it turns out, we were all wrong. "Saving the Planet with Pesticides and Plastic" is a real book by Dennis T. Avery of The Center for Global Food Issues - an agribusiness-funded organization run by the Hudson Institute. It was originally published in 2000. If saving the planet by destroying it does not work, then maybe a giant, patriotic bald eagle or butterflies can save it instead.

• Ask Gene! Gene Baur, President and Co-founder of Farm Sanctuary, vegan, activist, and best-selling author - will be taking questions today and tomorrow on his facebook page. If you have any questions for Gene, who is a personal friend and certainly a Discerning Brute, please feel free to post them HERE.

Ask about anything from life on a farm sanctuary to rescuing animals, to food and politics. Gene is a genius!

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