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Autumn Chill, Cooking Lessons & Sweet Chips

veganJoshua Katcher

• The Autumn is upon us (almost) and I felt the chill in the air today. Time to get out your cardigans, sweaters and fall jackets. After you've perused the thrift and vintage stores for warm things of all sorts, consider supporting some rad sustainable and vegan designers by investing in a coat from Vaute Couture, or an deadstock cotton check jacket, waxed canvas jacket, or organic cotton jacket from Turk + Taylor:

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• Chef Ayinde Howell is featured today on Gilt City New York. Gilt is members-only, so click here for your membership. And you can get up to 50% Off In-Home Chef Dinner or Vegan Cooking Class, just click the delicious image below:

• Raw, BBQ-flavored sweet potato chips from Rhythm Superfoods is a crispy, satisfying snack that's actually good for you. But pretend you don't know that. I ate a whole bag and didn't feel gross because they are oil-free, fat-fee and rich in vitamins A and C. Did you know that sweet potatoes are one of the highest-ranked superfoods for nutritional content?