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Stella McCartney defends bears! Bearskin hats have been worn since the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 where they were taken as a badge of honour by the Grenadier Guards when they defeated Napoleon's bearskin-wearing Imperial Guard - but not for long is PETA and Stella McCartney have their say. A Hint Magazine Article today covered Stella's "relentless crusade for critter-friendly fashion."

PETA's faux-fur version of the bearskin.

The dashing, discerning, Dan Matthews showcases the Faux-Bearskin that PETA and Stella are pitching to the Palace to save bears' lives. Why the synthetic version, you ask? Because it often takes a whole bear to make one hat! Royally gross. There's no good excuse.

"McCartney is partnering with PETA to give those vigilant palace guards a fur-conscious makeover, swapping their bear fur hats with synthetic versions. (Going naked instead of wearing fur is not an option, apparently)."

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