Biodegradable Sunglasses, Imperial Grooming, Not Vogue Quoting

 •Imperial Classic Pomade is perfect for those slick, classic hairdos. It's vegan and not tested on animals (but it was tested on all our models for the Brave GentleMan Spring / Summer 2014 show, used by hair-pro Candice Crawford).

•"The Fashion-corporate complex rewards obedience"Not Vogue is a website created by Steve Oklyn which brilliantly and contextually deconstructs the mainstream fashion industry while utilizing their own imagery. Each page has five titles that, when combined, create analytical, if not critical quotes. The mainstream fashion industry is famous for appropriating subculture aesthetics while removing their intended meanings, and as Oklyn says, "A cultural revolution drained of all meaning becomes fashion". StylelikeU recently shot a great video conversation with Oklyn, who preferred to remain anonymous in a ski mask:

• The Ace frame from Zeal Optics has stepped up the game with creating sustainable sunglasses that are actually cool. The frame is biodegradable and made from 100% US-grown cotton, processed in Italy. The lenses are a plant-based e-llume lens, also biodegradable.