Black Metal Pad Thai, A Dashing Gala, 'Water for Elephants' Undercover & The Wild Mag on Fur

The Vegan Black Metal Chef is my new hero. Wow. Just... wow. I haven't heard ingredients to Pad Thai sung so convincingly before. -via

Chevy ChaseFred Willard

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WILD TOGETHERThe Wild Magazine's latest issue features an amazing article by Stella Katz on Victoria Bartlett's anti-fur stance.

“Fashion is the only industry left that uses fur,” says Bartlett from her chic new VPL shop on Mercer Street in downtown Manhattan. “It’s such an emotional thing for me. I grew up in London with a mom who fed me liver and cow’s tongue,” says the now vegetarian. “I love animals. I can’t imagine having pets and wearing fur knowing what these animals go through.”

The suffering they endure, she adds, is intense – “but until you see first hand how an animal is killed for it’s fur, it doesn’t quite sink in.

The Fur Flies

Johanna Zelman's HuffPo article on the 'Water For Elephants' Animal Abuse Undercover Video is so on point:

Perhaps it's sick irony that in a movie featuring animal abuse, the real behind-the-scenes story may be even worse than the fictitious version. Or maybe it's just plain sick.

More video evidence of movie elephant suffering... from Animal Defenders on Vimeo.