Blake Hamster

When a company views ecology and social responsibility as paramount - it gets a Discerning Brute's attention. When that same company acts as a framework for designers, artists, marketers, journalists, authors and musicians from all over the world to collaborate, it becomes even more intriguing.


The most recent collection by Blake Hamster pragmatically entitled "001", features menswear made from 100% organic cotton. Showcasing the cut designs of Ulla van den Heuvel & Susan Bauer and the artwork of Hamansutra, Andreas Döhring aka, Beagle, Jeroen Jongeleen aka Influenza, Catriona Shaw aka Miss le Bomb, Stephan Doesinger, and Diana Keller & Damir Doma . Photographers of the collection include Michael Heilgemeir, Lisa Miletic, Michael McKee, and Dieter Mayr Martin Fengel.



It is their aim to experiment with different products, from shirts to housewares, utilizing various production processes and distribution models while upholding a set of aesthetic and ethic ground rules. The fabric of the mens shirts consists of 100 % organic, eco-friendly cotton. Even the dying process of the fabric took place in accordance with the guidelines of the International Association of Natural Textile Industry. The shirts are produced sweatshop free and Blake Hamster ensures fair working conditions for everybody involved in the process.

The shirts are sewn in Italy by the renowned Confezioni Barbon. Barbon has been manufacturing clothing for over 40 years. They produce for Jil Sander, Escada, Chanel, Etro, Marithè Francois Girbaud, Theatre de la Mode, Marni, Gaetano Navarra, Calvin Klein, Pollini, Valentino, Piazza Sempione, Victor Victoria, and Hilton. Barbon's production division is made up of a high qualified staff able to realize and produce items of a high quality standard.

At around $100 each, they are not cheap! But keep in mind they are limited to 50 of each style, so you are basically buying art. If you are interested in purchasing any of their products, SHOP HERE.