1. Columbus Day Just Passed. Maybe it's time we all passed on Columbus: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6jF29HHzlA]

[The] Doctrine of Discovery is a thin veil for white supremacy. As European nations were competing with one another for riches, they were able to share in an ideology that exerted their superiority over darker people around the world. This doctrine was used to validate the mass murder of people for profit and the enslavement of them. It continues to do so today, said Morris, as there has never been a dialogue around the colonization of the Americas and slavery and how the U.S. was born into the world dripping with blood from head to toe.

2. Please watch Oprah today!


3. Mercy For Animals Undercover Investigation


A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation is throwing back the curtains on one of California’s largest factory egg farms - exposing the routine abuse that takes place behind the closed doors of our nation’s egg industry.