The NYC-based "Artists & Revolutionaries" is one of several brands that NYC's eco-fashion fans will be able to get their paws on at The Green Shows pop-up shop hosted in Bloomingdale's from Wed April 20th - Fri April 22nd. Click here for the details. Below are some of the menswear images from the line Artists & Revolutionaries. Designer John-Michael Schlotter uses 70% organic cotton and 30% hemp in the styles depicted below. They are hand-dyed with low impact dyes (thus each garment is unique), unisex, and one size. All Artists & Revolutionaries garments are all locally produced in Brooklyn. The flagship store is at 200 Franklin st, Brooklyn NY 11222.

(*As a disclaimer, the designer is a vegetarian, and does use recycled leather in other garments and accessories, as well as some cashmere, but these are the awesome vegan options for ya'll)