Boarders Go Green: Volcom's V.LO-Logical Series


Dude, the boarders at Volcom have like totally launched an environmentally friendly V.CO-Logical Series, which utilizes sustainable alternatives like organic cotton, vegetable dyes, organic stains, hemp and other low impact production methods.


Apparently, skateboard-related companies such as Vans, Element, Volcom, and Freshjive use American Apparel softgoods in their product lines - which means some of it is sweatshop free. (I have emailed Volcom to inquire about their additional labor practices and will update this page when I hear back.)

DB's Etiquette Recommendation: Organic cotton is great. Thrift and re-purposed is better. Not buying anything at all is best! If you must partake in unbridled consumerism - the LEAST you can do is go green.