Bourgeois Boheme Shoes

Bourgeois Boheme, one of the UK’s most popular online fashion boutiques, has launched its very own range of vegan footwear for men. “Footwear for the ethically conscious” appears on the sole of each shoe.

“We saw there was a gap in the market for footwear that is not only animal-friendly but also stylish and affordable. It’s something we’ve looked for without success for years, so we finally made our own.” - Alicia Lai, founder


The shoes are handmade and ethically produced in Portugal and India, and are made of microfibre, the highest quality and most eco-friendly leather alternative. They are 100% animal-friendly and even the glue being used is water-based.Simpathia

The London based company is catering to the continually growing movement of people who demand accountability from those they do business with. You can have peace-of-mind knowing exactly how their shoes have been made from design to finished product.

Espiritual ‘Full of Spirit’ is a range of men’s shoes handcrafted in Portugal. The collection presents eight shoe styles which include the dressy patent Liberto meaning ‘Free’; ‘Simpatia ‘Kindness’, ultra-luxurious and chocolaty, suedette brogues; faux crocodile shoes called Compassivo ‘Compassionate’; and Vida or ‘Life’, comfortable yet elegant slip-ons.

PensadorThe range is a rare find in the ethical shopper’s world where organic and ethical often means either high-priced or low-style. Bourgeois Boheme has produced a range of smart shoes that ticks all the animal-friendly, ethical and style boxes and yet is still affordable to the general market.

If you are not familiar with the leather industry, click here and get educated! Leather production is an ecological disaster, an ethical blight, and is not always a by-product of beef. In India, where cows are considered sacred, they are led outside the boarders of the country under horrendous conditions to be slaughtered specifically for their skins.

"Vegetarians who might consider wearing leather, because it is only a by-product, should consider that leather is the most economically valuable by-product of the meatpacking industry . The sale of leather goods bolsters the economic success of slaughterhouses and dairy farms." - Karen Dawn, Thanking the Monkey

In addition to shoes, Bourgeois Boheme also carry a nice selection of bags and other accessories. Check them out!