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Brave GentleMan Neckwear

veganJoshua Katcher

I snapped these images at the tie factory I am using in NYC to construct the Brave GentleMan Neck-Wear Collection. The factory has been around since 1975. I painstakingly researched sustainable and vegan textiles for over a year in preparation for this! Fabrics ranging from organic cotton to recycled hemp to rPET (recycled-plastic-bottle-poly) blends will be featured. The most challenging aspect was finding a resource for sustainable and vegan interfacing. After a year of searching, I finally found a wonderful, hi-tech sustainable Japanese company that makes interfacing from rPET in a closed-loop plant in Japan.

What's interfacing/interlining? Interfacing, also known as interlining, is the textile that provides support, form, and structure in menswear from ties to suits. Interfacing often goes unnoticed because it hides between the exterior fabric and the lining. Typically, clothing labels are not required to list what the interfacing is made out of and usually it's horse-hair, wool, goat hair, conventional cotton canvas, virgin synthetics, or various blends of these things. Higher-end suits are almost always made with animal-hair interfacing because of the natural resilience.

You can expect some great styles from Brave GentleMan Neckwear! In addition to seeking out classic patterns, there will be three styles of tie: the 2.5" neck tie (not a "skinny" tie, but not wide either. Right in the middle...), the butterfly bow tie and the straight bow tie.

Pre-order sales coming soon!