Brooks Questions An English Tradition

This ad from Brooks left me with mixed feelings. I do love the idea behind it, that a dashing young couple on bicycles rescue a fox from the hunt. We can see that the activist identity of the animal defender and protector is finally being recognized as sexy, truly rebellious and iconoclastic. I hope that this is what the viewer takes away from the campaign, as opposed to wanting to purchase cow-leather accessories , or using a truly frightened fox for filming. The ability to use CGI and design to simulate a fox is a piece of cake these days.

I challenge Brooks to make some vegan accessories where no animals (fox or cows) are hurt at all. There are some amazing faux-leathers out there that are more durable than leather, less polluting, and certainly kinder.

Art Direction, Photography and Design: Fabio FedrigoFrank Herholdt, Ted Young-ing

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