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http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_WnCd072fqWM/S9e2N779rLI/AAAAAAAAABo/L08VBaSTit4/s320/IMG_6675.JPGOur friends at the Sparrow Media Project have organized an initiative that is truly grassroots and in solidarity with the Haitian people. It has been one year since the earthquake shook Haiti to the core. Most people don't know that only 2% of the disaster has been cleaned up, and that a shameful $1.60 out of every $100 has actually made it to the Haitian people, as large organizations cycle funds back into their own organizations. 100 Shows for Haiti is calling on promoters to put on events for Haiti across the country and around the world. Events of all kinds are encouraged! Music, art, dance, puppet show, dinner, bake-sale, you name it! All money raised will be split between two organizations: One Hundred For Haiti, and Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees.

The 100 Shows For Haiti concept was the brainchild of Maurice Mitchell of Long Beach, NY. Mitchell, is a lobbyist and community organizer who spends his days advocating for funding for public schools in lower income communities and who spends his weekends singing in the political punk band Cipher.


It's known as the "Dolphin Death Pool." The Mirage Hotel and Casino's “Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat.” Imprisoned in pools that are too shallow and too small, they're forced to do mindless tricks for high-paying guests day after day – until they develop respiratory infections and diseases that claim their lives.The dolphins are trapped in a concrete pool next to a highway. They breathe in fumes and smog day after day. There's no protection from the desert heat or the winter snow. Seventy-five percent die prematurely. Please sign the petition to remove this mindless attraction.