Eating a delicious brunch on a sunny sidewalk surrounded by friends and rescued pooches is a pitch I'd like to send to the universe for my afterlife.

Thankfully, I got to have this pleasure in the material world in Los Angeles this week while dining at Flore in Silver Lake. If you are a sandwich-lover, or a weekend-bruncher, this is your new go-to spot. And if you have pups that like to eat the crumbs you drop (or the full plates of brown rice and veggies you order for them) there's no need to leave them home.

The menu was extensive, but we agreed to share everything and ordered the Veggie Frittatta, Daily Soup, Crispy Kale, Tempeh Reuben, Tempeh Tu-No Melt, and the Eastsider  Seitan Tacos. Everything was delish, but the highlight was the outstanding Frittatta, which was a delicious egg-free quiche with broccoli, mushrooms, onion and kale. It was crisp and golden on the outside, and tender and savory on the inside. The vegan butter-cream chocolate cupcake was also fist-slam-against-the-table-worthy. More, please!  Look at what we ate, and don't drool on your keyboard: