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Organic linen and cotton, organic cotton bias tape, GOTS and Oekotex-certified trimming and lining, and complete transparency in production are just a few elements of this 'honest' by Bruno Pieters bomber jacket on the top left. Achieving transparency is no small task for designers. It can be an overwhelming, literally global effort to undertake.

Many mainstream designers would like to hide the materials, working conditions and production methodologies used to produce their garments, but honest is exactly what it sounds like. Each garment features a list of what looks more like achievements than simply material information, manufacturing details, price calculation, and carbon footprint. Items that are vegan are categorized, searchable and labeled as vegan, and the designs are a cool combination of on-trend and effortlessly classic shapes and cuts. Here is a selection of the organic, vegan offerings:

http://www.honestby.com/images/photolib/351.jpg http://www.honestby.com/images/photolib/1205.jpghttp://www.honestby.com/images/photolib/1718.jpghttp://www.honestby.com/images/photolib/343.jpghttp://www.honestby.com/images/photolib/367.jpg