The rumors are confirmed. 'Iron' Mike Tyson, the same man who took a bite of Evander Holyfield's ear and whose controversial past never seems fade away, appears to have finally found some peace. His "no drama" stance on life now  includes a profound love for pigeons and a totally vegan diet (he is starring in an new Animal Planet show about pigeon racing - not so vegan?).  You can add Tyson's name to a growing list of heavy-hitters who follow a veg diet, including Mac Danzig, Jake Shields, Rob Bigwood, Ricky Williams, Georges Laraque and others. Maybe Gladiators really were vegan!

According to

“Tyson is starring in a reality TV series on Animal Planet in which he races pigeons. He says he’s become a vegan and has “no drama” in his life right now, which he concedes is an odd feeling for an athlete notorious for his brushes with the law.”

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