You heard it here first! I got my eyes and hands onto a handful of samples from the forthcoming men's collection, M:ZERO, from Melissa Plastic Dreams: the sustainable, zero-waste, fair-trade, recycled plastic shoe company known for their cutting edge design and collaborations with fashion superstars like Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier, and others.

Kaight Shop in New York City's Lower East Side held a launch party for the pop-up installation of Melissa's "Shop Within a Shop" inside of Kaight. They were so cool, I couldn't help but jam my giant, size 11.5 foot into one of the samples that were all size 8,  just for the sake of a photo. Considering that these are touted as some of the most comfortable shoes out there, it really wasn't that bad at 3.5 sizes too small. One that fits must feel like walking on pillows.

The new men's collection features an oxford, a loafer, and a driving shoe. By far, my preference is the oxford, especially the gray, fuzzy one and the white matte one. Look out for these fantastic plastics arriving for retail Autumn/Winter 2010!