Trycycle Glassware is made with 100% post-consumer recycled glass. If you like to host dinners or gatherings that involve drinks, it's difficult to find ethical glasses unless you get them from vintage or thrift shops. From stemware and decanters to tumblers and jars, Trycycle takes it's inspiration from the green-tinted glassware of Europe. The crisp green color is a result of the recycling process. It's very affordable around $20-$30 for a set of 4 glasses. Toscana Tumbler - Set of 4Bedside Decanter with GlassNapoleon Cognac Glass                        Set of 4

• Cheap Monday, Paul Smith, and Monkee Genes are offering some organic threads at ASOS. I'm a huge fan of olive pants and button-down collars, and these hit the spot.

Image 1 of Cheap Monday Check ShirtImage 1 of Monkee Genes Olive Slim Chino PantsImage 1 of Paul Smith Jeans Buttoned Down Collar Contrast Cuff ShirtImage 1 of Paul Smith Jeans Madras Check Tailored Fit Shirt

• Mark Zuckerberg, whose face currently graces the cover of TIME, is a young genius. He is also rumored to be vegan. There are many articles flying around about whether he is or isn't - so I ask you, dear readers, to point out your best researched evidence. If he is, hopefully his leadership in the area of ethics will also be celebrated.