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Clinton & Woody. Cookie Dough. Beast Epic. Lightning Wilks.

veganJoshua Katcher

bill clintonwoody harrelson • Two of Esquire's "79 Things We can All Agree On" are power-vegans Bill Clinton and Woody Harrelson, who "... looks more like thirty-nine than fifty."  Two out of 79 ain't bad, right?

• Turns our that I don't want to mess with Texas, this looks perfect... sometimes you just want to eat cookie dough, ok? So what if you don't want to have to make it from scratch or worry about raw eggs giving you salmonella? So what if you want to use it like play-dough and make little dough-people with chocolate chip eyes who are eaten by a giant (you)? Celeste is the best and that's why her company is called Celeste's Best. You can buy pre-made dough here. Definitely worth planning a trip to Austin.


• Now I have to figure out a way to segue from cookie-dough into a paragraph about healthy eating. Kale... cookie-dough, really what's the difference? MMA fighter James "Lightning" Wilks  joined Jim Rome's huge syndicated show and spoke about about plant-based eating for athletes right before the Super Bowl.

Take a listen: [audio]


• Are you near New York City? Go to this art show on Thursday Feb. 9th. Drink wine, eat hors d'oeuvres, be all cultured. I've written extensively about animals used in modern art, now this Thursday, the opening reception of Joe Concra's stirring exhibit, Beast Epic will be held at the incomparable Donzella 20th Century Gallery. It will be a night of masterful artwork, with music, cocktails, and vegan treats. Special guest Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary will be in attendance! Here is some of the work that will be in the show: