• Someone who loved wood more than words could say? Sounds like one of us. Trees, forests, nature, and the smell of wood is something that echos in the most primal part of our brains. Guys who get down with sophisticated, organic smells will probably love Wonderwood, and being that Jaisalmer is my favorite scent - with hints of cardamon, cinnamon, pepper, benzoin, ebony wood and gaiac wood, I have a feeling I'll love this one too.  The Brother's Quay, a pair of renowned animators known for their distinct, dream-like, and haunting imagery, have crafted a gorgeous, hallucinatory short film to usher in the new scent.  It is screening on thelovemagazine.co.uk exclusively all this week. (Thanks to HINT for the hint!)

It's sometimes hard to tell when a scent is cruelty-free, so I put in a call to Comme des Garçon's offices in London and Paris to check if the fragrances would be considered suitable for vegans, and whether or not they're tested on animals. The Europeans were not phased by the question one bit.  I was told that there are no animal-derived ingredients in the scents, and that the labs do not test on animals, but could not be given a 100% guarantee. I am in the process of following-up to get that guarantee, but so far, this is great to know! Now I'll see if I can convince them to put the leaping-bunny or certified vegan logo on their packaging. Stay tuned.