I was honored to act as "Contributing Editor" to the esteemed Lonny Magazine for their March/April issue. You can check out page 24 and 25, where I dropped the name of 5 things I "went mad for", including an Uhuru table, a rockin' Matt & Nat bag, a pair of sustainable wood sunglasses from Waiting for the Sun, recycled glass goblets from Tricycle, and a vegan shave brush from Jack Black. On the day of the shoot, I met up with Editor-in-Chief Michelle Adams, and Associate Market Editor Ellie Somerville at the Standard Grill (which could afford to put a few exciting vegan options on the menu), and we chatted about everything from PINNACLE: Reinvent the Icon to my dope recycled poly, recycled denim, and organic cotton suit from CPas, to the upcoming launch of BraveGentleMan.com.

I had a great time with these sharp ladies, and I hope to be back at Lonny offering up more ethical lifestyle tips soon!