Cru in Silver Lake, Los Angeles Silver Lake in Los Angeles has become a hotbed of vegan dining. I stopped by Cru for a mostly raw, totally vegan dinner. The vegan joints in LA are notoriously lacking in decor - so I was very impressed with Cru's dim-lighing, large black and white photographs and sleek, modern details. The atmosphere was great - and crowded on a sunday night, which Zoe informed me is also unheard of in LA.  I started with a Watermelon Grenada and the Fig Paté with Cashew Cheese (not aged or as good as Dr. Cow's, but still delish!)  Zoe started with the Ceasar Salad, which was mostly just romaine lettuce and avocado. My entree was very good - Raw Ravioli with Marinated Shitake and Arugala Salad. The ravioloi had the same Cashew Cheese as the appetizer. Raw food is so filling, but i managed to save room for Zoe's cooked entree. Zoe ordered the Chana Masala over Quinoa which was amazing! Definitly the highlight of the meal. I'll be stopping by Cru again!