Our favorite vegan tough-guy, Mac Danzig, won his bout against Justin Buchholz on the Feb. 7th, 2010 event, UFC 109 Relentless. Read the full article on UFC.com. Prior to the match, the fighters were asked in a video what their favorite junk-foods were. Danzig said, "Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies and Soy Ice Cream". I'd have to agree, but I think coconut-cream based ice cream is a bit better...

Miami Dolphins' running back Ricky Williams has a  Heisman Trophy, a Maxwell Award, and is a Pro Bowl MVP - but he's also a vegetarian who participated in a faux-chicken wing taste-test for PETA a few days go. Check out the video, but please don't ask "duh..Ricky, where do you get your protein?"

Ricky is co-owner of a new restaurant, Proof, in Miami that has a lot of vegan options. The winning wings may have been gardein buffalo wings!


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