I recently interviewed Jeff Corwin, wildlife conservationist and television host/producer, about some environmental issues. We discussed everything from palm oil plantations to endangered species, extinction, and his breathtaking documentary: 100 Heartbeats for MSNBC. (Special thanks to Joelle Katcher, for shooting the interview!)

While I respect the amazing work he does educating people about wildlife conservation, I do wish Corwin had stuck to his vegetarianism due to meat production's connection to deforestation, global warming, air and water pollution and worse. When asked about his stance on being veg at a talk documented on Youtube, he avoided any of the facts, and fell into personal defensiveness, evoking the cliche rationalization,  "if lions can do it so can we...and I am hungry".  C'mon, Jeff! You don't see lions making gazelle factory farms. They kill for survival. We torture for the taste. You are smart enough to see the difference. At least acknowledge that meat production is a huge environmental disaster and one of the most powerful things we can easily give up to help the environment.

Regardless, Jeff is pretty awesome, and his mission to educate people about endangered species and the current extinction event we are causing is so critical to the future of the planet and our survival as a species. So watch the trailer for 100 Heartbeats: