New York Times Style

I know the wayfarer shape is classic, but let's add some more ammo to our UV arsenal. Both sun-worshipers and mystique-seekers will find an entirely new way to see that the world is round. Plus, something about this shape just makes you look like a radical genius. Perhaps it's the history of "teashades" (the circular sunglasses) being worn by opponents of segregation and the counter-culture icons of the 1960's. Just as the frames have gotten thicker since the original wire-frames of the 60's, let's make our counter-culture presence thicker. You've gotta look good on your "Wanted " posters, after all. I bet these look great on security cameras while liberating some fuzzy friends. "What is the identity of this activist", they'll say - "and where did he get those amazing sunglasses"?

Vintage frames from Fabulous Fannies in the East Village of NYC (check your local thrift/vintage stores too!):


Waiting for the Sun, the French cool-kid glasses company makes sustainable wood round frames, like La Une in Bamboo, or the 19.6 in teawood:

Spitfire round frames for $18.99 at Jack Threads (link to join site).

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