door_logo_DrCow Six years ago I wrote about the awe-inspiring things happening in the production kitchen of a small, raw, tree-nut cheese company in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Since then, the two pioneering, Argentinian culture-makers, Pablo and Veronica, have garnered a cult-following of cheese-lovers exalting their robust and complex concoctions.


Slowly but surely, Dr. Cow has crept across the country and world, sparking a cheese-making renaissance with a brilliant twist: the silky stuff that the cultures and molds go into is from buttery seeds and nuts (as opposed to animal lactations). The delectable, spreadables have food-lovers everywhere savoring a more and more sophisticated array of creamy morsels.

raw_cheesecake chocolates_drcow

Dr. Cow was the spark that ignited a plant-based cheese revolution. And now they've opened their flagship location in the front of their production kitchen. In addition to cheeses of all sorts, they are also offering a variety of pastries, chocolates, and other goods.  The mini-cheesecake is a must! (There is one pastry containing honey, so do ask which items contain honey when you go.)


Please visit them at:

Dr. Cow 93 South 6th Street Brooklyn, NY 11211

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