I made it to the weekend brunch at Daily Grub in Omaha just before heading off to Indiana. The brunch was delicious and featured three kinds of waffles, three amazing  specials, great coffee, juices, and smoothies. I had a banana, strawberry, blackberry and blueberry smoothie, and classic waffles with fruit and maple syrup served beside tofu scramble with asparagus, mushrooms, scallions and fresh herbs.

Later for dinner, I had the chance to grab some grub at McFoster's Natural Kind Cafe, also in Omaha. I had a veggie-melt sandwich with tempeh-bacon, mushrooms, eggplant, peppers, zucchini, pickles and Tofutti cheese, and for dessert, a piece of chocolate tofu-cheesecake.

McFoster's is a bit old-school hippy from food to decor, and not entirely vegetarian. It was good, but not amazing. Regardless, my opinion of Nebraska is forever changed for the better, and I hope to come back!