by Joshua Katcher Guys are you looking for eco underwear under there or anywhere?

I did some research and found some of the better, non-grandpa looking eco undies just for the dudes. If you are in the market to keep dioxin (and cancer) away from your balls, or you just want an organic banana (hammock), here's a few places to check out.

Here's a good reason to keep bleach away from your balls:

  • "Conventional cotton underwear is processed with chlorine bleach. Dioxin--the most toxic chemical known--is a carcinogen that is derived from chlorine bleach and is responsible for hormone disruption and a host of other ills."

Red Dog Eco-Sport does organic cotton briefs for the Abercrombie man. So Sporty

American Apparral gives us the organic cotton in the raw. Surprised? If you don't care about the drama surrounding their union-busting or their notorious CEO Dov Charney. American Apparral Brief does men's briefs, boxer briefs, and boxers, all made with organic cotton. Rawganique does organic hemp, pima, and cotton underwear.

ecobodywear undies Rawganique undies Some good places to start with an organic tank-top are American Apparral, or Shirts of Bamboo, who has a classic undershirt tank in lots of colors made from bamboo and organic cotton. American Apparral Organic Tank shirts of bamboo

Take your tank to the next level with unisex Awareness Apparral from Energie +E Innocent, Animal Rights Organic Tank Here's what the back reads:

  • INNOCENT TANK:Animal Abuse Hundreds of thousands of animals are held captive, tortured, or killed every year. The reasons range from consumer products to pure entertainment. Outdated product testing inflicts unnecessary pain and damage onto laboratory animals. Overbred dogs are kept in horrendous conditions for profit. Exotic animals are irresponsibly sold as pets. Circus animals are often trained through the use of intimidation and physical abuse.
  • What we can do: Recognize that animals are capable of feeling pain and suffering • Support companies whose products and ingredients are not tested on animals • Check local shelters when looking for a pet • Be aware of others’ intentions when giving pets away • Consider spaying or neutering your pets • Avoid circuses that feature animal performers • If you witness animal abuse, write down the details and report it to the police©2007 +E, LLC